• Oil And Petrochemical

    Oil And Petrochemical

    This group includes a vast range of quality control and analysis equipment of petroleum products such as oil, grease, bitumen, wax, gasoline, diesel, etc.

  • Construction And Mining

    Construction And Mining

    This section covers all laboratory and quality control equipment utilizing in different fields of construction and mining including concrete, cement, asphalt and bitumen, soil and aggregates.

  • General Laboratory Equipment

    General Laboratory Equipment

    This section is provided with all basic laboratory equipment.

  • Material Analysis

    Material Analysis

    All material analysis equipment including chromatography, XRD, XRF, atomic absorption spectrometer, spectrophotometers, etc. are placed in this group.

  • Agriculture


    Relevant equipment to plant biology, phytology and quality control of water, soil and crops is classified in this group.