Ash from Petroleum Products

Ash from Petroleum Products
Test Method
Determines the amount of ash in distillate and residual fuels, gas turbine fuels, crude oils, lubricating oils, waxes, and other petroleum products.

Programmable Ashing Furnace
Six Complete Air Exchanges per Minute

Incoming air preheated for enhanced temperature uniformity

Digital PID Temperature Control • Store up to 9 different programs

Integrated Timer • Maximum Temperature of 1100°C

Conforms to the Specifications of: ASTM D482, D874, D3174, D4422, D5184; IP4, IP163, ISO 3987, ISO 6245; NF M 07-045; DIN 51352, DIN 51575
Temperature Range: Ambient - 1100°C Temperature Accuracy: ± 3°C
Oven Volume:
0.07 cu. ft. model: 3 L
0.16 cu. ft. model: 5 L
0.33 cu. ft. model: 9 L
0.47 cu. ft. model: 15 L
0.07 cu. ft. model: 1.2 kW
0.16 cu. ft. model: 2.4 kW
0.33 cu. ft. model: 3.0 kW
0.47 cu. ft. model: 3.6 kW