Octane Analyzer For Unleaded Gasolines

Octane Analyzer For Unleaded Gasolines
Test Method
Determines the Pump Octane Number (AKI), Research Octane Number (RON), and Motor Octane Number (MON) of unleaded gasoline, ethanol blended gasoline, leaded gasoline and Cetane Number for diesel fuels.

Portable Octane Analyzer
Test results equivalent to ASTM D2699 and D2700 test methods

Measures all grades of unleaded gasoline and ethanol blended gasoline

Test results equivalent to ASTM D613 for Cetane Number of diesel fuels (Optional with K88612)

Displays results in 20 seconds

Directly measures octane number for {(R+M)}/2, RON and MON

Optional feature for cetane number determination of diesel fuels

Includes RS-232 output, built-in printer and LCD display

Results traceable to official knock engine laboratory

GPS model available for use with GPS locator accessory

Accuracy and repeatability equivalent to ASTM approved CFR engines test methods (ASTM D2699, D2700)
Sample Holder: Sealed, cubical glass container (75mm optical path length)
Sample Volume: 8 Ounces (approx. 225 mL)
Operating Temperature Range: 7°C - 38°C
Pre-calibrated for unleaded & ethanol-blended gasoline (Analyzer can be calibrated for up to 8 additional fuel types.)
Battery operated (6 AA batteries)