Automatic Titration

Automatic Titration
The Automatic Titrator is capable of performing a wide range of Titrations:

Acid-base or aqueous titration
Redox titration
Complexometric titration or EDTA titration
Blank titration
Silver Assay titrations
Non-aqueous titration
Argentometric or Precipitation titration
Voltametric / KF Titration
Back titration

The Automatic Titrator is provided with two-point auto calibration and standardization (zero offset). The instrument is capable of displaying pH and mV of the sample, with temperature compensation. The Automatic Titrator can accept a variety of electrodes to cater to various applications in different fields.
The liquid path is comprised of Teflon tubing, a Teflon lined valve and gas tight burette with a Teflon plunger head. It creates a chemically inert system for any sensitive analysis. The instrument is supplied with high speed vortex stirrer with digital speed indication. This specially designed stirrer provides excellent homogenous mixing of samples. An optional magnetic stirrer is also available.

Conforms to the Specifications of:
ASTM D664, D2896, D3227, D4739
Principle: Volume determination by equivalence point, end point or pH STAT.
Control: Microcontroller based
mV range: ± 3200 mV.
Accuracy: ± 0.1 mV (± 0.0016 pH).
Amplifier input impedance: > 10 ohms
Burette Resolution: 1/5000 for 5 ml, 1/10000 for 10 ml, 1/5000 for 25 ml.
Filling time: Less than 20 seconds
Keyboard: Alphanumeric splash waterproof polyester soft keys.
Display: 40 x 2 line back lighted liquid crystal display (LCD).

a) Acid base b) Nonaqueous c) Redox d) Preciptiation e) Complexometric f) back titration KF titration (Optional)
Results: a) Molarity b) % Assay(wt), c) % volume (ml) d) ppm e) mg/l f)mg/g g)g/l h) meq/l i) mol/kg j) TAN and TBN for oil samples.

Method Storage: 50 methods with parameters. Titrant Molarity storage: 20 values

Input/Output Peripheral Interface:
(a) Parallel Port: 1 - for printer
(b) Serial Port: 2 - for Balance & PC
Titration Head: Manual stand with swiveling arm.
Stirrer System: Microcontroller based variable speed, high torque vortex stirrer with digital indication. (Magnetic Stirrer optional)