Loss on Heating of Oil and Asphaltic Compounds

Loss on Heating of Oil and Asphaltic Compounds
Test Method
Determines the effect on asphaltic materials of heating in an oven under prescribed conditions. The results are reported in terms of change in sample mass and/or changes in selected properties such as viscosity, penetration and ductility as evidenced by test data taken before and after the oven cycle.

Asphalt Oven
Dual purpose oven for loss of heat test and thin film test for bitumen and asphaltic materials. Interior chamber of stainless steel and stored powder painter steel exterior. Double glazed window in door for viewing test chamber. Side mounted controls comprise microprocessor digital control, independent overheat thermostat, main switch and indicator lamps. Two rotating platforms supplied to perform both the tests.

Conforms to the specifications of:
ASTM D6, D1754; Specification E145, Type 1B; AASHTO T47, T179, BS2000
Temperature Range: to 356°F (180°C) Pre-set at 163°C ± 1°C