Pressure aging vessel

Pressure aging vessel
The complete PAV system consists of an ASME-code stainless steel pressure vessel in a stainless steel cabinet with encased band heaters, a precision sample holder for simultaneous testing of ten specimens, a set of ten TFOT specimen trays, a pressure controller, temperature controller, pressure and temperature measurement devices, temperature recorder, and a specimen loading and unloading tool.

The H-1640A.4F PAV takes the hassle out of running and documenting asphalt binder aging operations. Three easy, non-complicated steps produce accurate and reliable results. Just press the "heat" button, inset specimens when prompted and press the "Age" button and let the PAV do the rest. Custom status screens guide the user step-by-step through the entire process. Each display screen (preheat start-up, preheat ready, aging heat up, aging pressurized, and aging complete) is simple and direct, with detailed process and status information. The final output screen, when the test is complete, shows the current vessel pressure, as well as minimum and maximum temperatures achieved during the test procedure. Process data (temperature and pressure) is continually stored at regular intervals in the programmable logic controller (PLC) that controls and monitors the process.