Groundwater Level Measurement

Groundwater Level Measurement
These contact gauges are designed to perform both manual data acquisition (target data measurements) and calibration and control measurements at groundwater level stations using dataloggers. These units have been tried and tested for years and are primarily used for measuring depth.

Features and benefits
Precisely operating probe made of high-quality material
Slim design - fits into observation wells from 1" on
Optional: Ground contact for measuring the depth of observation wells or bore holes
Heavy-duty measuring tape with easy to read cm, dm, and m scale
Smoothly running, lockable measuring tape and drum in sturdy frame
Convenient handle for easy transport

Depth measurements in observation wells, wellhead shafts, or tanks
Control measurements in pumping tests
Optional: Depth measurements in wellhead shafts, observation wells or bore holes using a ground contact
For depths from 15m down to 750m