Compression Testing Machine

Compression Testing Machine
These types were developed for testing concrete beams where accuracy and maintaining their required load pacing rate is an essential part of the testing procedure.

Designed as a true compression testing machine its load frame incorporates solid steel crossheads and four structural steel side members fully welded together to form a rigid one-piece load frame. The frames rigidity is further enhanced by our unique method of mounting the hydraulic cylinder/piston assembly through the center of the top crosshead, fully supporting it and eliminating lateral movement of the piston under load extension, for accurate and repeatable test results, unlike the lighter dual post hollow frames used in competitive units.

Available with three different digital load indicating systems, select from a basic budget minded unit or the advanced iD indicator that will automatically calculate and display stress test results and will print or transfer stored test data to a PC.

Accuracy of ±.5% of indicated load from 300–30,000 lbs. (1.3–133.5 kN)

Choice of 3 digital load-indicating systems

Compact design requires minimal floor space