Direct Tension Tester (DTT)

Direct Tension Tester (DTT)
Direct Tension System for asphalt is a complete instrument for evaluating stiffness and failure properties of asphalt binders at low "in-service" temperatures. Superpave Direct Tension Tester has been evaluated by the Federal Highways Administration and meets the following specifications all AASHTO, SHRP and FHWA specifications. It is designed to perform asphalt binder tests in accordance with the AASTHO T 314 and ASTM D 6723 test protocols.

DT results, in conjunction with Bending Beam Rheometer (BBR) data, provide a more complete characterization of the asphalt binder. In addition, Interlaken DT data predict the temperature at which thermal cracking would occur in the roadway.

This is a computer-controlled machine that features:

Closed Loop Control and Data Acquisition

Fully integrated Software Package

Real Time Data Acquisition

Manual or Automatic Test Capability

Exlar actuator for Higher Accuracy and Dynamic Performance

Temperature-Controlled Fluid Bath

Choice of Chiller Options