Ultrasonic Test

Ultrasonic Test
The V-Meter™ with software is an advanced ultrasonic, pulse-velocity test system widely used for quality control and evaluation of concrete structures. It can identify non-homogeneous conditions such as voids, cracks, honeycombs and frozen concrete. The V-Meter comes with standard 54khz transducers, and its large easy-to-read display is perfect for field use. The battery will last up to 10 hrs. on a single charge, and the unit is capable of storing over 1800 readings for later processing. Conforms to ASTM C597, BS1881-203 and other international standards.

Frequency Range 24-500 KHz, based on transducers Selected sensitivity 250 micro volts, between 30 KHz and 100 KHz Input impedance approximately 2 M OHMS. Transit Time 0.1 to 6400 microseconds, direct digital display. Accuracy + 0.1 microseconds. Pulse Rate selectable 1, 3 or 10. Transmitter output pulse 1000/500V, 2 microseconds. Display 240 x 64 pixel graphic LCD. Storage 1 K byte Data Transfer RS-232C. Temp. Range 0° to +40°C. Battery NI-CAD batteries, 9 hours operation. Dimensions 7.5" x 4" x 8" 190 x 100 x 203mm. Shipping wt. 6 lb (3kg).