Ductility Testers

Ductility Testers
Ductility tests of bituminous materials measure elongation of a specimen before failure. The ends of a formed briquet specimen are pulled apart in a liquid-filled trough at specified speed and temperature. Gilson ductility testing machines offer model options for temperature control by circulator with heating and cooling capabilities. Tensile strength and ductility of specimens may be measured concurrently by addition of Force Ductility Kits.

Basic Ductility Tester is mounted in a fluidbath trough equipped with stainless steel thermal transfer tubes. Operation is vibration-free and constant speeds are maintained via synchronous direct motor drive and gear box with shift lever. Speeds of 2.5, 10, and 50mm per minute are selectable, and a traveling pointer indicates exact position of the carriage on a fixed scale.

Temperature Controlled Ductility Tester is identical to the LP-8 unit, but includes a heating/ cooling circulator bath with an LED digital controller. The bath circulates heated or cooled liquid through the trough to maintain water at required temperature ±0.1°C.