Marshall Compactors

Marshall Compactors
The Marshall System is widely used for design and control of asphalt paving mixtures. The resistance to plastic flow of compacted Marshall specimens is measured in terms of maximum load before failure. Normally, 4in (102mm) diameter specimens are suitable for mixes containing aggregates up to 1in (25.4mm), and 6in (152mm) diameter specimens are preferred for maximum aggregate sizes up to 1-1/2in (38.1mm). All automatic models operate on 115V/60Hz power supplies. Add “F” suffix to specify models for 230V/50Hz operation.

Manual Marshall Compactor, allows manual compaction of a single 4in Marshall asphalt specimen in a stationary mold. Included is an oak pedestal, hammer support and guide rod, 10lb (4.5kg), 3-7/8in (98mm) diameter flat-face hammer, a MSA-100 4in mold, base and collar assembly, and a mold holder.