Marshall Stability Test System

Marshall Stability Test System
Ruggedly constructed with frame to encompass the strain and loads, easy to use, it is designed to operate with the minimum of maintenance.
Platen rate is 50.8 mm/minute also maintained under load thanks to an overpowered electric motor. The applied load is measured by a precision proving ring 30 kN capacity incorporating a stem brake holding the maximum reading and it is supplied with relevant
calibration certificate. The machine includes an electric device for automatic stop when reaching the max capacity load of the proving ring, so as to prevent any overload damage, limit switches stopping the platen at max. and min. excursions.
The unit is supplied complete with load ring 30 kN capacity, stability mould flow meter with dial gauge.
There is a digital testing frame as well which the load is measured by an electric cell 50 kN capacity with high precision strain transducers; the flow is measured by an electronic displacement transducer 50 mm stroke and ± 0,1% linearity.
The Cyber-Plus Evolution 8 channels digital display unit with microprocessor measures and displays at the same time the stability in kN and the flow in mm with pick hold
features with the possibility to transfer them to a PC and a printer through a RS232 port.
Supplied complete with Stability mould.